Monday, August 5, 2013

Do You Have Any Chains That Are Holding You Down?

Those who do not move do not notice their chains.

-Rosa Luxemburg-

There are many different forms of living in bondage other than being confined behind bars of iron in a prison cell serving out a sentence of several years.

God wants to completely set you free from everything that might be a hindrance to a powerful life of service to Him. When He looks at you He sees what you are capable of becoming, not what you are right now.

When the angel came to Gideon, he was hiding while trying to thresh some wheat for bread. He had to hide because Israel's enemies were tyrants and looked for opportunities to steal everything that wasn't well hidden; then he and his family would starve.

BUT... God saw a mighty warrior - not a lowly coward. He saw the mighty warrior Gideon would become.

He would not be able to do any of this without the supernatural power of God on his side, but God started to work in Gideon's life from the standpoint of what he knew he could become, while Gideon could only see what he was at the moment.

It is God's desire to break all the chains that have you in bondage, but this may not be an easy thing on your part. Sometimes I have felt like I was being torn apart by wolves and would never be functional again.

When God reveals your sin, you feel so low that you wonder why He would ever want to use you in the first place. You start to see just how black your heart is when it is held up to the light of a Holy God. He sees the smallest and darkest of corners and nothing escapes His knowing. It makes you realize just how much love, mercy, and compassion he has for even the worst sinner who has done unspeakable things.

It is when you have come to this low point that you feel you could never be used in any way, it is only at this point that God can finally say:

"Now (insert your first name) has finally reached the point where I can start to do something with their life." When you feel like you have nothing else but God, it is then that you find for a surety that God is enough.

He looks at the "setting free from bondage" thing much differently than you do. He knows it is A NECESSITY for you to achieve His Best life possible. He has so much He wants to accomplish through you and He knows He can never do it unless you are willing to get rid of all the things that are holding you back from getting His Best.

Take a giant step into the unknown today and let God start to really use you for His Kingdom work!

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