Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christian Witnessing And Gifts

Christ gave a command that is very clear to every Christian. This was Christ's last command to the community of Christians - to make disciples. This is what the church calls the "Great Commission" and was not merely intended for the 11 disciples remaining, or only for the apostles, or in present times, only for those who might have the gift of evangelism. This "Great Commission" is the duty of every man and woman who has faith in Christ.

Contemporary Church and the Rise of Renewalism

We live in a time where the church is conforming to the culture in contradiction to scripture. We live in a time when the church is taking their eyes off the finished work of Christ and focusing on sensuality and believing this is evidence of the work of the Spirit. The work of the spirit is an overflow of what Christ has done for you. The work of Christ provides salvation to all who accept Him. It is salvation by grace through faith and not by works. What God does in your heart has no part in your salvation since we are saved by His work. Any effort to move forward from the cross is to move away from the gospel. We are justified by faith, so any work the Spirit does in us has No part in our salvation. If you are justified, you will begin to be sanctified. You cannot have sanctification without justification so to focus on the Spirit's work in you is to become unfocused on Christ's work for you. The sensual experiences that contemporary Christian music provides can be seen in music concerts of any kind. There is an energy and enthusiasm held by the crowd. The same can be seen in sports games. Inner peace can be seen in yoga. The Hindu practice of yoga promises inner peace and a transcendental spiritual experience. The real evidence of the work of the Spirit is not an emotional experience but the preaching of the true gospel of the finished work of Christ and Salvation through faith. Also, another evidence is the conformity of the nature (sanctification) Yes sanctification is an evidence but if it becomes the focus, the gospel is lost.

Positive Voodoo Stories

I have received many questions from people who use Google and have doubts about the religion of Voodoo being a positive influence on someone's life. In many cases, this is like someone who is suffering from minor symptoms typing them into a search engine and getting hold of the worst case scenario. I have never pretended that voodoo isn't dangerous. I have never suggested that it can't cause harm. However I have always been adamant that the experience will be dictated by the intentions of both the priest and the individual who wishes to engage with the Ioa.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

There Is A Christian Gift To Match Every Occasion

Often, when we shop for Christian apparel and other gifts, we can get lost due to the wide assortment available on the market. There is such a wide variety of fashionable accessories, t-shirts, music, jewelry, items of home d├ęcor and books - for every age group. Although it might be hard to decide, the good thing about these gifts is that they do leave a lasting impression and the person you give the gift to, will appreciate your gift often for a lifetime.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Set Your Mind On Things Above, Not On Things Of The Earth

When you became born again, your spirit became new but your mind and body did not become new so you will need to renew your mind to conform it to the new spirit that is inside of you. Romans 12:2 read and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. When the mind is renewed, the body will follow because if you began to believe in healing and speak healing scriptures, your body will be healed. Not only that, but once you renew your mind concerning anything it will be done for you.

More Fodder For The Bitter Six-Day Creation Debate

Evolutionists and creationists attack each other with all the hostility of rival religionists. That is because they represent essentially rival religious world views. This article may not soothe the hostility but does offer some alternative viewpoints on the issues.

What's the Truth About the Bible

To learn the truth about the Bible, it helps to understand how God had His messages delivered to mankind. God called spokesmen to be both His mouthpieces and His scribes. These people were called prophets and apostles.