Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bible Stories for Children - Living in Today's World

Bible stories for children not only teach kids about bible history they teach about today's world. For many people, this is hard to understand. How can something that happened thousands of years ago help us today?

Bible Stories for Children

If you look at bible stories like Ruth and Joseph, you find some amazing facts, information, and even a miracle or two, but what part of these stories could children use today?

Let's take the bible story of Ruth for instance. She began her life in an idol worshipping country. She married into a family that served God and found herself a widow at a young age.

So far, this bible story could be a story of a girl in today's society.

Next, Ruth decided to leave her idol worshipping family and go with her mother-in-law to a new country. A country where she chose to serve the one true God. Ruth had to work hard in the fields to support her mother-in-law, Naomi, and herself.

She would work from morning till night every day just to have enough food to eat. The field where she was working was owned by a man named Boaz. Boaz found Ruth attractive and ordered his workers to be kind to her. They were to make sure she had more than enough food to eat and was given special privileges of eating with his workers each day.

Boaz even made sure to be around more often just to see Ruth. Already, this sounds like a fairy tale doesn't it? It is a fairy tale that could be a story of a young girl today.

Eventually, Boaz and Ruth were married and had a son.

What can kids learn from this? Well, many things. First, God never makes mistakes. When Ruth's husband died, she was devastated. What was she going to do?

She made a decision to follow Naomi and to serve Naomi's God. Now that Ruth had turned to God, we can see just how he played a part in caring for her. She could have picked any number of other fields to work in, but she chose Boaz's field.

All of these so-called coincidences were not coincidences at all. She was led by God to the right places at the right time even though she had to endure hardships and loss along the way.

Living in Today's World

Just like Ruth, we live in a time where we suffer hardships and loss, but if we turn to God and live for him, he will supply all our needs. Is that saying we will be millionaires?

Of course that's not what that is saying.

It means he will never leave us nor forsake us. He will be there to guide us along the way. Sometimes we'll make mistakes, but he will be there when we are ready to move forward with where he needs us to go.

Bible stories for children, along with the guidance from other Christians, can be some of the best resources we have to teach our children how to live today. Ruth trusted God and we need to trust him to. She leaned on God and we need to lean on him too.

Use bible stories for children to teach your children about God and about living today too.

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