Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Have You Figured It Out Yet?

In the thirteenth chapter of Genesis we read there was strife between Abram and Lot servants. This was no major concern for Abram. He had figured it out he would receive an abundance of blessings too many to number according to God's promise. Genesis 12:1-3. This is one of the reasons why he let Lot choose first with which direction he wanted to go. The purpose for the blessings upon Abram's life was so he could be a blessing to his own family, and every other family that believed in the true and living God according to the genealogy line through the seed of Abraham.

As God works in the life of every believer we all have to figure out what He has called us to do; in service for Him. The purpose and reasoning behind being blessed ourselves is so that we can be a blessing to others. In the beginning all God has ever wanted from us is a personal relationship him. If, we could have a intimate relationship with Him first; then from that lesson learned, we could have healthy relationship with others. Being in any kind of relationship takes time to develop; it is a life-long process and being in the will of God is no different. But, it is something you would want to have and work at.

Life is not a fairy-tale, neither is it a dress rehearsal; life is real. There is no time with playing church and not walking in the will of God; especially when you know Him for yourself. All God wants to do in our lives is bless us, but to be blessed we have to want to be blessed by being obedient and following the example of Abraham. Remember, how He tested Abraham when He told him to take his son Isaac to the alter for a sacrifice? The same obedience Abraham had is the same obedience we need if we truly want to be blessed by the Lord. Genesis 22. Have you figured it out yet?

The way to prosperity is thinking about the Lord, and asking what it is He wants us to do for Him. Once we hear the answer, then it is our responsibility to respond by faith and begin to do the works He has called us to do. We should seek God and follow his way of living as the psalmist David did. "I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved." Psalms 16:8.

Works with faith get results, other than that, we know faith without works is dead. James 2:17. To accomplish any mission in life takes a certain amount of belief to achieve the dream that is set before us. The combination of faith along with being obedient, produces the works He desires in us; to do His will.

As we live let us all seek God for counsel in our lives. He already knows what is in store for each of us and the road we will travel. When He speaks to your spirit; be obedient and figure out what it is He has called you to do. All of us, every person under the sun has a God-given purpose for living. There is no favoritism or partiality with God; believers and unbelievers alike experience heartache, pain, and sometimes failure. Matthew 5:45. Unfortunately unbelievers have a sense of hopelessness about their purpose and outlook on life, while believers on the other hand stand firm in their faith and move forward in the will of God. Have you figured out your purpose for living God's way?

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