Sunday, November 17, 2013

Positive Voodoo Stories

I have received many questions from people who use Google and have doubts about the religion of Voodoo being a positive influence on someone's life. In many cases, this is like someone who is suffering from minor symptoms typing them into a search engine and getting hold of the worst case scenario. I have never pretended that voodoo isn't dangerous. I have never suggested that it can't cause harm. However I have always been adamant that the experience will be dictated by the intentions of both the priest and the individual who wishes to engage with the Ioa.

As a result, I conducted my own search on Google. Normally, I don't tend to venture onto this sort of site, but given the questions that have been asked of me I felt compelled to try and understand the issue myself. I typed in 'positive voodoo stories' and the first site I came to was a collection of emails sent by an American student who was studying in Haiti; the country most famous to its association to this noble religion.

The emails themselves are lengthy and it seems pointless to simply copy her words into this article, however if you wish to query either me or my assertions that Voodoo does much more good than harm you can read the full emails by clicking here.

What struck me as most interesting here was not just what she said but how her mother was clearly responding to her as she explained herself and how Voodoo was effecting her life. Her mother's responses are not visible here, but it is clear that initially she, like many of you might have been concerned by the influence this religious which she took to be about devil worship and dark arts was having on her daughter. However, the passion of the girl's words and the conviction of her thoughts clearly wins her mother over. It is proof of what I have always asserted, which is that understanding of Voodoo will quell fear.

The girl herself is at pains to point out the positive effects that Voodoo has had on her life since she moved away from home. She makes a point of dismissing the media perception of cannibalism, dolls and zombies and instead talks about how it has helped her to find herself and find a peace within her that she hadn't previously known existed.

However, the main reason I would recommend this article to you is that is not like me. She is not someone who has been raised with Voodoo. She is not someone who has been brought up as a Voodoo priest. It is understandable that you might doubt me, just as you might doubt anyone trying to 'sell' you anything although I would hope that you don't think of me like that. The important thing is that she is from a Christian family, raised in America where all the media perception of this religion is negative and yet through being open minded and experiencing it herself, she shows the true nature of this religion.

I firmly believe that, if you are questioning either whether Voodoo can be a force for good or simply wonder whether it works this collection of emails will speak to you in a way that perhaps I never could. You may think that I am too close to the topic, too personally involved and invested but I am confident that her words will put your mind at ease.

My name is High Priest Jean Emmanuel, and I come from a long line of Voodoo practitioners. With each generation perfecting and honing their skills, my spells and curses are among the most powerful that can be found anywhere. My grandfather was not the first voodoo practitioner, but his reputation proceeds him. Referred to by his followers as (rough translation) "The High-Priest of All That Is Knowing" he slowly passed his skills on to me.

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