Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christian Witnessing And Gifts

Christ gave a command that is very clear to every Christian. This was Christ's last command to the community of Christians - to make disciples. This is what the church calls the "Great Commission" and was not merely intended for the 11 disciples remaining, or only for the apostles, or in present times, only for those who might have the gift of evangelism. This "Great Commission" is the duty of every man and woman who has faith in Christ.

Witness to the World

Men and women are lost without Christ and Jesus said that he was the way, the truth and the life, and that no one can come to the Father, except through Him. The Word also reminds us that there is salvation in no one else. So, without Christ, men and women are really lost. He is the only way to bridge the gap between man and God. Without Him, individuals cannot know God and have absolutely no hope of eternal life.

Hungry for the Gospel

The people of the world are hungry for the gospel. There is a mistaken belief held by many Christians today that men and women do not want to know God, but when you travel the world, you find ample proof that tells the truth is just the opposite. The Holy Spirit has created in the hearts of millions, the hunger for God.

A Gift

When we witness for Christ, it is important to leave those we witness too, a gift. It should be a gift that is unique and different. Many are given Christian poetry that has the words of Christ in it. Others, who witness, give t-shirts with scriptures on them or other gifts to remember this time.

Root of Christian Life

Witnessing for Christ lies at the very root of Christian life and teaching. Inspired by Christ's teachings, example and directives, Christian witnesses are what has kept Christianity flourishing and vital for over two thousand years. God prepares Christians to witness by giving them a special gift that makes them effective and productive witnesses of the Good News. The gift of the Holy Spirit provides guidance for living the Christian life including witnessing to others.


Faith is fundamental for people to get through life, as life at times is not easy. Faith keeps many individuals going when life does not turn out the way they have planned or when health, wealth, and relationships fail. When these difficult experiences of life come along, a person's faith is what gives them the boost by those who witnessed and gave gifts that inspire and lift up.


A keepsake box, friendship pin, or Christmas ornament can serve as the reminder of a friendship that develops between you and the person that you witness too. This reminder of love and friendship is something the friend can cherish for years to come. Another great gift is a small jewelry box that contains a handwritten message and they can turn to that message repeatedly during difficult times.

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