Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beyond Laziness Is Blessing

Taking the initiative to go to church on a Sunday morning can be demanding for many of us, particularly those who face the economics of living in a place like the USA where holding two jobs is a norm, and not the exception. Therefore, even on the occasional free Sunday morning, resting, sleeping, or catching up on domestic chores take priority over seeking God's face. Some suggest that salvation, and not the works of faith leads to heaven. Therefore, since they can obtain forgiveness through a clean heart with God, they can safely avoid going to church. The implication is that church attendance is secondary to salvation. This is not true because faith and salvation are not supplementary concepts; rather they complement each other for a true Christian life.

Going to church is not secondary to the grace of salvation. The belief to accept salvation as a gift is rooted in faith. Yet, Christian life does not stop at the redemption experience; all that happens is a change of gear. Therefore, since Christianity itself is a religion based on faith, faith powers the life of every Christian. The analogy expects the fueled or powered machine to produce results. The products of the faith are the so-called works in Christianity. In other words, Christian works are like items on store shelf or marketable products from businesses. Marketing experts can promote their sale for bountiful profits.

Christians claim to be elects or moral separates of God (II Corinthians 6: 14-18). Christians also love to win new converts. As humans, we love genuine product samples, especially when handled physically or demonstrated practically; rather than theoretical conjectures and claims. Hence, products of Christianity need to be veritable items for marketing the gospel. We market the faith when our ways (the works) reflect the demands of the faith. Going to church on Sundays is a work of faith, as we obey one of the very first commandments of God (Exodus 20: 8-11, Isaiah 58: 13-14; Hebrews 10: 25). The drive to obey the commandment and other injunctions as a work of faith over and above other distractions is evangelical. The effort put into convincing your family to overcome the excuses, prepare and to go to church on Sundays. Your neighbors will notice it. This act or work of faith may arouse their curiosity and motivate their researching, or embracing Christianity.

No reward beats the life-changing epic of Christian conversion. Even then, there are collateral gains for the work of going to church. The Bible makes realize that the socialization is scriptural (Heb. 10: 25, II Cor. 6: 17). We derive spiritual, financial, physical, and emotional benefits from the bonds of fellowship. This is in addition to the emotional satisfaction of obedience to God's instruction. Further, Prophet Isaiah confirms that the secret to the obtaining the crown of glory resides in the promise of God for those who faithfully observe the Sabbath (Isaiah 58: 13-14).

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